Hail Dent Repair

WHAT IS HAIL DAMAGE? : In today's world, untimely rains, storms and many natural disasters are experienced due to weather changes that are also affected by global warming. One of these natural disasters is hail. Due to the hail, many agricultural lands as well as vehicles are seriously damaged.

However, removing damage to vehicles is not a difficult process. Repair of hail damage with professional techniques can be done with paintless dent repair technique. Some vehicles have more than a thousand dents and they are not a problem for us. Since we have the opportunity to do business in various countries of the world, we have seen, repaired and gained experience in almost all scales.

Hail damage is done quickly and with high quality with the paintless dent repair technique. Thanks to this method, you will not have to take your vehicle to an auto painter and in case of a possible sale, your vehicle will not lose value.

Without having your vehicle undergo weeks of bodywork and paintwork. It will be finished in 1 or 4 working days and delivered to you.

Unpainted hail damage is repaired with special equipment and professional craftsmen by pulling and massaging.